Chapter 2108 Little Brother or Sister

The child’s forehead was red from bumping into Eric’s legs. Although the little girl bumped into him first, he could not possibly blame a child for not watching where she was going.

After some thought, Eric thought of telling the child’s father to teach the child how to walk.

Of course, Eric did not mind offering some money to express his apology.

“Who is your daddy? What’s his name?”

Chatty raised her chin proudly and snorted.

“My daddy is the father of Ultraman, the King of the Land of the Light in Nebula M78!”

Eric was speechless as he thought, ‘Is this kid sick in the head?’

However, Eric felt that the child’s arrogant expression when she spoke was a little familiar.

His heart skipped a beat.

The next second, someone came out of the next room.

Mitchell was stunned when he saw Eric carrying a little girl.

“Mr. Ferguson, you’re here… Ms. Sloan?!”

Mitchell looked at the two in shock.

Eric could not hold his expression anymore. He frowned slightly and asked, “You know her?
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Comments (6)
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Jane Haley
does this book ever end ?
goodnovel comment avatar
This is so dumb! A Two year giving adults a slip and calling a grown man a monster! Make the book more believable! Why is Clayton painted a hero and as a good man! Either kill off Eric or Clayton and end the book! It’s not even a love story as this point! A dumb ass soap opera
goodnovel comment avatar
Charlotte Donato
I don't like Clayton-I want Nicole to fi nd out how he really is. if she was really a smart executive why would she blindly believe what he says, be so disdainful of others and care so little for her daughter-she and Clayton aren't good parents. Eric is awful to Chance. That poor kid deserves more

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