Chapter 2110 He’s Very Stingy

In the end, Michael did not get to hug his pretty lady as he wished.

However, his pretty lady changed.

That was obvious.

Back then, Nicole was an aloof and stubborn career woman. She was so beautiful that people could not take their eyes off her.

Nicole was still bold and beautiful, but she was more gentle, radiant, and charming now.

It seemed that Clayton took good care of her.

Michael hugged Clayton reluctantly, looking listless.

To the side, Nicole laughed so hard that she clutched her belly.

Chatty and Fischer nervously and expectantly came over and looked up.

“Daddy, I want a hug…”

She opened her arms.

Clayton’s heart softened as he thought, ‘My daughter is definitely better than my son…’

He immediately let go of Michael and was about to squat down to hug Chatty when Chatty twisted her body and threw herself onto Michael.

“Big Brother! Hugsies…”

Michael picked up Chatty with ease.

Chatty grinned happily. She looked so sweet like candy.

Clayton’s arms were empty, an
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Lizsy Phiri
Eric and Nicole story started very well now there are lot of new characters
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Elaina Forren
Can you please for the love of everything holy end this book. I can’t recommend this book or app to friends. I want to start reading another book but I can’t help but wonder if all the book never end and become terrible cause they never end. So disappointed
goodnovel comment avatar
Elaina Forren
Please figure out a way to end this book. It’s a shame. The beginning was so good. The more you drag the worse it gets. It’s hard to recommend this app or book to friends when it has no ending. Don’t you think of your fans. Plus I would like to start reading another book, if this one ever ends.

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