Chapter 2112 Nicole, Save Me

At this moment, everyone was quiet.

The parent looked at Michael in shock. The blonde-haired and blue-eyed child had such a ruthless look in his eyes.

Chatty and Fischer clapped their hands happily.

Chance stood there, dumbfounded.

After a while.

The director of the amusement park rushed over.

He personally came forward to solve this matter, so it was dealt with smoothly.

The children did not apologize in the end.

However, that parent did not pursue the issue any further. She was very satisfied with the conditions offered by the director, which was an all-expenses paid admission to the amusement park for this visit.

The parent happily carried her child and left.

After the director dealt with the woman and child, he wiped his sweat and looked at the staff.

“In the future, this family will be on our blacklist. We don’t need to let them in again.”

“Yes, sir.”

The director turned his head and put on a smile.

“Please follow me to the office. Mr. Sloan is waiting for you there.
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Dawn Preciado
I don’t understand what’s going on at all, can someone enlighten me?
goodnovel comment avatar
Holly Prendergast
What is going on? What’s Clayton really up too? I’ve never trusted him and even less now. Come on Erik. Save them
goodnovel comment avatar
Dawn Preciado
I have forgotten who Sean ?

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