Chapter 2113 Don’t Want to Get Divorced

Sean pinched Yvette’s chin and said in a vicious tone, “You look like you’re living a good life. I still remember everything you said before. I just don’t understand why you suddenly stopped loving me when we were clearly in love with each other. You didn’t even give me a chance to change. Yvette… Tell me why?”

Yvette cried until she was out of breath. She looked different from her usual radiant and beautiful self.

She looked extremely wretched.

Yvette had never been so afraid even when she was in such a dangerous city like Cali.

At that moment, she did not know if Lance was still alive outside, and she did not know if she would be able to survive the New Year.

Yvette used to do as she wished with men, but she treated every formal relationship seriously, especially when she was with Sean.

She did not expect that Sean would be hung up on the past. Yvette dumped Sean back then, and he took it as humiliation.

That was why Sean came today. He wanted her to pay the price.

This was h
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Lizsy Phiri
the book started very well with intriguing first chapters which made me to read the book too many unfinished twist and turns
goodnovel comment avatar
At the very least I hope this ending goes with Sean and his hooligans getting caught and going to jail for a very very long time!
goodnovel comment avatar
the beginning was extremely intriguing....however it is now becoming boring. Far from the original storyline!

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