Chapter 2186 No Signs of Life

Nicole stood there among the crowd. People were screaming and crying loudly.

They knelt there with terrified faces and the indescribable grief of losing their loved ones.

It felt as if an invisible wall formed in front of her, forming two different worlds.

Nicole looked at the ruins with a pale face.

Euan, who was on the side, walked over with a dismal expression. He looked like a mess because he participated in the rescue just now. His body was covered in dirt.

He looked at her and hesitated to speak.

The emotions in his eyes were very complicated.

“Ms. Stanton, during the earthquake just now, the surface fractured, and the boulder fell down when the first tremors hit. Mr. Sloan and three other people who were standing there fell off the cliff together. They didn’t have a chance to react.”

This was the cruel truth.

Nicole’s face was dreary and tense as she looked at the large surface that had disappeared in disbelief.

There was still some loose rubble at the fracture, and th
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