Chapter 2187 He Died

“Ms. Stanton…”



Countless voices reverberated in Nicole’s ears.

It was as if those voices were separated by a window, vaguely lingering in her ears.

Nicole fell into a coma due to her grief.

She wanted to be strong and face everything, but she dared not.

She was afraid that it was true, that something might have happened to Clayton.

If so, her life would forever lose its color.

After a long time, the voices finally quieted down.

She seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.

This hiking trip felt like a thrilling dream.

There were no dead people, screams, earthquakes, or thick fog that covered everything as far as the eye could see.


in the dark.

Doctors were coming and going from the room.

The tall man stood in front of the window and looked at the dark sky outside. When he turned back, he looked at the woman who was sleeping unsettlingly. Suddenly, he frowned slightly and felt a little worried.

He walked over, sat down, and looked at Nicole’s fac
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Comments (16)
goodnovel comment avatar
Lizsy Phiri
it's good u are bringing back Eric and Nicole...
goodnovel comment avatar
Keziah Asiedu
Exactly Kim! Eric was suddenly in love with Nicole the moment he found out she was hanging out with rich people.... I bet if Nicole was some poor girl Eric wouldn’t have bordered being with her seeing how he’s mean to girls who are not up to his standard.
goodnovel comment avatar
You should quit reading then. Because you have got it backward. Eric is the one who is shady.

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