Chapter 2190 Found One

Eric saved her, but it did not mean that he could stop Nicole from doing what she wanted.

In the dark, Eric’s expression froze. His eyes gradually turned deeper and darker, so much so that no emotions could be seen from them.

“Nicole, objectively speaking, you’re a woman, so your physical strength and endurance can’t compare to these professionals. If there are aftershocks, and you get into an accident, we’ll have to assign more people to take care of you. Don’t you think this will delay more time in saving Clayton?”

The light was dim. Moreover, Nicole’s thoughts had already flown away.

Thus, she did not notice the worry and tension in Eric’s eyes at this time.

Nicole was silent for a few seconds and seemed to be looking in a certain direction in the distance.

Just when Eric thought she had compromised, she said in a drawn-out voice, “That’s great then. There’s no need to save me.”

Eric’s heart seemed to be twisted viciously that it was so painful.

Did Nicole like Clayton that
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