Chapter 2191 He Let Them Leave

The tall mountains on both sides were straight. It looked like an artificial carving as its workmanship was simply magical.

It was gorgeous, but falling from that height would only mean death.

Nicole’s heart tightened instantly.

She looked at the sparkling dark surface of the water with a heavy heart.

Nicole could not speak, and she wanted to cry, but the person who could comfort her was not by her side.

Suddenly, someone put a jacket over her.

She paused for a moment and looked back. Eric stood there and followed her for who knew how long.

“Wear it. Don’t catch a cold.”

Nicole took off the jacket and handed it to him.

“No need. I’m not cold.”

After she finished speaking, she walked back.

Nicole guessed that the possibility of falling from the top into the water was very small. After all, it was so far away.

Maybe she was worrying too much.

“Nicole, do you hate me that much? You don’t just hate me. You hate my jacket too. If it weren’t for the earthquake today, maybe you w
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Comments (2)
goodnovel comment avatar
Not true. Most of the disaster is caused by and because Nicole knows Eric. Clayton is the one truly saving Nicole. You obviously are very biased reading this story and do not pay close attention to all the details.
goodnovel comment avatar
Van Stribling
yes it's easy for Clayton to save Nicole from every disaster because he's the mastermind behind all of them

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