Chapter 2192 Adding Fuel to the Fire

Nicole’s tears fell at some point, and she could not listen to a word Eric said.

All she knew was that Eric allowed the rescuers to leave and that they were not going to look for Clayton anymore.

Eric could not wait for Clayton to die!

Nicole’s heart ached, and her voice was almost hysterical.

“Help me? You’re helping by pushing me into hell again, right? Isn’t this your specialty? You really didn’t improve after all these years! You just want to kill him on purpose!”

Eric approached her without saying a word.

He could feel that she was having a mental breakdown from keeping her emotions bottled up all day.

Now was not the time to reason with her.

Eric took a step forward and changed his tone.

“Okay, I’ll admit to what you said, so come back with me first. I won’t let these people leave and will make sure that they continue the search at dawn!”

“I don’t believe you! Don’t fool me! How could I believe your nonsense!”

Of course, Nicole refused to leave.

She had to stay here b
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Juliette M Griffith-Campbell
Really dude?
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Juliette M Griffith-Campbell
Is that little girl…he couldn’t even say is he daughter asleep.

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