Chapter 2193 The Stantons Are Here

Eric had too much to drink, so he did not hear Mitchell’s soft response.

Eric nodded and reassured himself.

“Yeah, she will.”

Mitchell did not continue to speak.

After all, Mitchell also had a girlfriend. When he first got together with his girlfriend, he stepped on all kinds of landmines. That was how he learned what annoyed women.

However, with Eric’s status, no women dared to throw a tantrum at him, so Eric did not understand women’s thoughts because he had too little experience.

“By the way, you can set the budget for the donation of resources in the name of Ferguson Corporation. I have to stay with Nicole for the time being, so I can’t leave at this time.”

Mitchell twitched his lips.

He knew that he could not persuade Eric at this moment, so he could only oblige.

“Okay. What about $10 million? We can use our company’s annual charity fund to pay for it. By the way, is Ms. Stanton staying there by herself? No one from the Stanton family is there?”

Eric rubbed the space bet
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Lizsy Phiri
Salamatu true he just wanted capital from the Stantons if i remember correctly in one of the chapters his family took everything from him ...
goodnovel comment avatar
I hope Clayton is not dead, he just went back to his old life again before meeting Nicol
goodnovel comment avatar
Maria Fremeo
updated chapters please.... can not wait anymore.... a father is always a powerful figure....

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