Chapter 2197 Never Coming Back

Nicole stood on the edge of the cliff with an ashen face and watched as the murky yellowish water slapped against the shore down below. The canyon was frighteningly deep with mountains towering on both sides.

She gritted her teeth as she thought about the man falling into the river and disappearing in an instant.

Clayton was so cruel for not saying goodbye to her.

Grant watched from a distance and was ready to take her away at any time.

Nicole looked so pitiful.

He was really afraid that his sister would jump off in a moment of delirium.

Fortunately, she did not.

The sky gradually turned dark.

Eric wanted to leave, but he was still worried about Nicole.

Grant glanced at Eric and said calmly, “Don’t worry, Mr. Ferguson. My sister will be fine.”

Eric nodded before he walked away.

Grant walked over and looked at the scene in front of him, feeling heartbroken.

“Lil N, I don’t know how to comfort you. It may be a good thing that we haven’t found Clayton yet. Maybe he’ll come bac
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Empire. Let it be a boy.
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Author, the minute you start trying to pair Nicole and Eric again is when I will put down this novel and never pick it up again. Eric is not the one for Nicole. Wouldn’t it be a lovely surprise if Nicole was pregnant again by Clayton thereby giving Nicole Clayton’s legacy and heir to Clayton’s
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No Eric and Nicole!

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