Chapter 2198 Heterodoxy

Julie went to the office early in the morning and planned to spend time with Nicole in the afternoon, so she left early and came home early.

Floyd was very satisfied with everyone, but he felt like Kai was hopeless.

Kai was still sleeping.

Floyd did not barge into Kai’s room and only knocked on the door to wake him up. Then, he went downstairs by himself.

Not long after, Kai came down with sleepy eyes.

“Dad, what do you want from me? Did you leave me breakfast?”

The corners of Floyd’s mouth twitched. “All you can think about is food! What else can you do besides eat?”

Kai felt aggrieved.

He had been busy helping out at the earthquake zone for several days and did not have a good rest, so he planned to come home to catch up on his sleep.

However, because of Nicole, he did not go back to his own residence and was picked on in the mansion.

Kai sighed. “Dad, shouldn’t you let the donkey eat if you want the donkey to work?”

The butler at the side heard this and laughed as he came
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