Chapter 2 I One Year Celebration

That day, Via came home earlier than usual, because Sean asked, as he worried to see her pale face after the meeting ended. Via also felt unwell so she accepted. 

Arriving at the apartment, she intended to cook, but was afraid that Sean would scold her because instead of lying down, she was busy making her own dinner.

The ringing of the cell phone was a sign that a new message popped up. She knew for sure that it was Sean who had sent. That man was like a psychic, knowing how Via's head worked.

[ Don't cook anything.  Just rest, I'll bring dinner.]


 The corner of Via's lips carved a happy smile, getting Sean Reviano's attention like she could embrace the moon.

After preparing for the night skin care ritual, Via decided to sleep first. For a long time, her eyes were closed when she felt a warm touch from Sean's lips on the shoulder, making her open her eyes while smiling.

“Sorry to keep you awake, but it's better if you eat before sleeping,” Sean whispered by pulling her up from the bed.

The two of them sat in the kitchen, enjoying the dinner Sean bought earlier.

“Are you staying tonight?” Via asked hopefully, a little shyly.

Sean nodded, silent because his mouth was full.

“I was so worried, you look deathly pale. Feel better now?”

Sean's fingers slid the plate across the table. He stood up and approached Via who was reluctant to chew her meal. She just twirled her dinner around with a spoon without any intention of finishing it.

The two of them who had been facing each other now turned side by side.

Sean took the spoon in Via's hand, then fed the rice and side dishes.

“Aaaa ...,” Sean muttered until Via laughed.

“I can eat it myself,” Via said to take over the situation.

Sean dodged, and rejected Via who protested. “No, if I let you, you're just playing with plates and spoons. We could be here for hours.”

Via's face flushed, getting a warm look given by Sean. The man was really caring. With suppressed embarrassment, Via took the first, second, third mouthfuls… until nothing was left.

“Go to sleep, I'll catch up after finishing something,” he said as he got up from his chair, cleaned up their leftovers, and cleared the dirty dishes on the table.

Via also left from there. 

Seeing Sean's back facing her made Via's throat feel tight. Swallowing embarrassment, Via came closer and wrapped her arms around Sean's waist who was currently rinsing the glass, while Via's head leaned against his broad back. For a moment, Sean stopped his activity, but resumed when the two chose to drift away in silence. The atmosphere around turned solemn, when Sean hummed in a low, melodious voice.

Via's nose inhaled Sean's scent deeply until it filled her lungs, while her ears recorded the sound vibrations and the rhythmic beat of Sean's heart.

Her heart whispered sadly, maybe this was the last time they could enjoy together. Whatever it was, she would spend it well.


That morning, Via found a bouquet of flowers on the desk. Several female colleagues gathered around the table she had been sitting at for the past year. They oh-ah together, imagining the start of office romance at Luna Star. A myriad of questions were thrown, which Via answered with a smile.

“Geez, I never know you had a boyfriend,” Cece said while taking a photo of the bouquet in Via's arms. “The bouquet was huge, definitely not cheap stuff.”

Via's heart swelled with joy. The first time she got a bouquet, and from the giver's initials, Sean Reviano was the main suspect. Not only that, a box of breakfast was also sitting nicely on the table, along with a small box of snacks next to it.

Afraid of being the subject of gossip, Via shared the food with her co-workers there.

“Come on, tell us who is your boyfriend, Via? Is he an employee here?”

“No, he's a nobody. You also won't know,” Via replied covering the secret.

If her relationship with Sean was open to the public, maybe she wouldn't be cover it. It was hard not to acknowledge Sean as a lover.

The incident that morning turned out to be unfinished, in the afternoon Via received a delivery of food from outside. With a questioning look, she took out her cell phone to call Sean. Unusually, there were two surprises in one day. In the office too. Really, not like Sean used to be.

 [Via: What's with the surprise bouquet and food today?]

Via asked while pretending to work on documents on the computer. Not long after, she got a reply.

[Sean: To celebrate our first anniversary, you forgot?]

Via's heart was pounding. A blush spread from her cheeks to her ears.

How could she have forgotten an important day like this, not even expecting Sean to remember it first.

[Via: Sorry, I totally forgot. I didn't prepare any special gift, what do you want?]

[Sean: No need. Your presence is enough.]

It felt like Via wanted to jump up and down with joy to get Sean's message, which was shamelessly teasing her. Usually he replied without paying any heed to seductions or similar words. Really not like the usual Sean, making Via really wonder.

“Via,” called Kezia who came from outside.

“Yes?”  Via answered while hiding the cellphone in her trouser pocket.

“Everyone asked you to join the bar, will you come?”

Via thought about it for a while, but she didn't have an appointment with Sean today. Usually Sean would call when they wanted to meet outside. Still, Via had to ask Sean first.

“Ehm... I’ll think about it first, I'll let you know later,” Via answered, not immediately confirming.

Kezia nodded and left there. Seeing her co-worker disappearing from sight, Via also replied to Sean's message as well as asked.

[Via: Your words make me happy, thank you. If there's something you want, just say it.]

For a moment, Via paused typing on the screen, compiling words to ask if there was an event together.

[Via: Oh, by the way, another coworker invited me to the bar. Do we have any plans tonight?  Just make sure whether to reject or accept.]

Before long, she finally got a reply.

[Sean: You can go, I also have a meeting with a client.]

For some reason Via felt a sense of disappointment, but she knew not to be greedy. Having just gotten a bouquet of flowers and a lunch delivered, she shouldn't have demanded Sean's attention either. He had a different life, there was a company hanging on his shoulder.


The bar they visited was very crowded, making Via felt a bit uncomfortable. She tried to call Sean many times, but her fingers hung in the air as she stared at the dark phone screen.

“Well, your boyfriend won't be angry. After all, we're all just women here,” Altha teased, finding Via nervous.

“That's right, my boyfriend doesn't mind walking with us either,” added Cece who was engrossed in playing with her cellphone in hand.

Seeing that the other colleagues were stifling with their restless gestures, Via decided to forget and just enjoy the time. In fact, Sean wasn't even texting or calling anymore, so it didn't feel right to be a part of the fun.

They had all just gone to the dance floor, when Via felt a hot stare coming from the bar table.  She turned her head eighty degrees, and her eyes met with soul-stirring eyes. There was a faint smile behind Sean's handsome face from behind the glass on his sensual lips.

Uncontrollably, Via looked at him back. They both locked eyes for a while. As if they were the only ones there. The hustle and bustle of the surroundings disappeared instantly, leaving a serene atmosphere that was shared by the two of them.

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