Chapter 6 I Pillow Talk

Via asked what Sean wanted to eat that afternoon, but he only said that he wanted to eat chicken, so she decided to cook soup. Today Sean also hadn't allowed her to go back to work, so she filled her boredom by doing anything. 

But, when she was watching a drama on television, again the news about Sean and Evelyn filled the screen, so she turned off the plasma screen with her heart holding back tears. She became upset every time she watched television, so she decided not to turn on the twenty-nine inch television until nightfall.

After the chicken soup was cooked, suddenly Via heard the sound of the door being opened. Not long after that, Sean appeared from living room. He smiled at her who was still wrinkled in her faded pink apron.

“I can smell it from the parking lot,” Sean teased.

Via laughed because the distance between the parking lot and their unit was very far. It was impossible to smell it all the way to the basement.

“Get ready, I'll serve dinner.”

Sean kissed her cheek before going to his room.

Seeing Sean’s back disappear from sight, Via's tears fell to the table. She wiped it quickly, afraid of being caught crying for no reason.

Fifteen minutes later, Sean returned to the dining table where dinner was already served with a fresh appearance after taking a shower, his black hair was wet and messy after washing his hair.  He approached with his eyes looking at her full of admiration and gratitude.

“You always know what I want to eat every night,” Sean said as he took the first bite.

Via only smiled a bit while also enjoying her dinner.

“Feel better?” Sean put the back of his hand on Via's forehead, which turned out to be a normal temperature.

“Much better than yesterday, I guess,” Via replied, lying a little, because sometimes she still feels nauseous and had joint pain.

Both of them ate again in silence, the only sound was the sound of spoons and forks colliding with plates.


Sean gently kissed Via's forehead once his desire was done. He pulled his weight off her and slept on his back while one arm was still wrapped around her body, as if he didn't want to let go of their skin contact.

“I went with Daren to the bakery he recommended yesterday, I forgot to bring some bread for you. Next time, let’s go there together,” said Sean who was starting to get sleepy.

“That's okay. We can go there if you have  time,” Via replied, just as tired.

“Do you still want me to lend you the money to build your dream bakery?”

Via's heart swelled with joy because Sean remembered her dream to have her own bakery. They often discussed about Via's dream bakery. Maybe even Sean already knew the design that Via always wanted for her bakery.

“No need, I still want to work at Luna Star. Let that dream come true after I retire.”

“There's nothing wrong with opening that bakery while you're working with me,” Sean suggested again which Via refused without a second thought.

“I'm very grateful that you thought of my dream, but I just feel it’s wrong to borrow money from you. You've been of great help so far.”

Via understood that their relationship was nothing more than a business transaction. She didn't want Sean to help her out of fear that Sean would think she was with him just for the sake of material things. A small favor at first had now become a big one. Even half the medical expenses when her mother was still alive, Sean also helped. She didn't need to be reminded that it wasn't a romantic relationship.

“Okay, tell me if one day you really want to build your own bakery.”

Not wanting to prolong the discussion, Via gave a nod as if she agreed to the contrary.

“What is the logo for your dream bakery?” Sean asked.

“A pair of doves,” Via answered confidently.

Sean's brows furrowed at Via's unusual answer.

“Why doves?”

“I don't know, I just like the philosophy. Doves have one partner for life, bread love is very fitting to use pigeons as a brand logo.”

Sean chuckled softly at the name of the bakery.

“Spread Love's play into Bread Love doesn't make sense.”

“But I like to hear it, just try saying Bread Love, it’s ear-catchy, right?” Via said firmly.

 A kiss landed on her luscious lips.

“Okay, okay.  I believe, Bread Love ...” Sean laughed while stealing a kiss from her lips again. 

He relented with her stubbornness.


The news of Sean's engagement was getting louder, but Via didn't dare to ask about the news.  Afraid of Sean's answer that could hurt her heart. 

In the office, the cafeteria, and even the hotel corridor, the gossip about Sean and Evelyn's wedding was no longer contained. Everyone seemed not to miss the news that Via believed was not entirely true.

“I've seen you lethargic lately. What happen?” asked Kezia as they went to the receptionist to hand over the daily checklist.

“I'm not, I’m just tired of working on the monthly report,” Via replied with a thin smile on her lips covering a troubled heart.

“If you want to talk, I'm listening.”

Via gave a grateful look to Kezia who sounded concerned. Her steps stopped when she saw Sean and the rest of the Executive group passed in front of them. He looked busy talking to Daren who was walking beside. For a moment, their eyes met, but as before, Sean quickly looked away. As if he didn't recognize if Via crossed the path.

Via's heart felt pinched, because Sean Reviano during the day was not her Sean Reviano at night.  His attitude was the opposite, as if he had two personalities. By day, Sean was a stranger to her, while at night Sean was so close to her veins.

“See, how women aren't crazy about him,” whispered Kezia while pointing at Sean with a pointed chin.

Via cleared her throat and replied, “He's just perfect, it's hard to forget a man like that.”

“That's right,” Kezia replied with a sigh, “What a lucky woman to marry him.”

Via's heart confirmed, the woman was really lucky. Whoever she was, the universe had rewarded her with the most perfect man on earth. Loving, caring, knowing to satisfy women in bed, even though he had a heart as cold as snow, but Sean Reviano was not easy to compare or forget.  Imagine if the man's heart was as warm as coals, all women might melt at his feet.


Via saw Sean's arrival through the foyer. She waited quietly on the sofa when he entered the room. For a moment, Sean's brows knitted to find Via who was not as usual waiting in the dining room.

“Any problem?” asked Sean approaching worriedly.

Via shook her head while giving a faint smile on her lips, not like the usual one that bloomed perfectly when she saw his arrival.

“I was just thinking.”


Via took a deep breath and exhaled slowly.

“About us.”

Now, it was Sean's face that looked confused.

“What's the matter with us?”

Via's throat tightened to say something.

“Gossip about your engagement to a woman is widespread in the hotel, even the media is talking about it. Don't you want to explain to me?”

Via's eyes stared at Sean full of uncertainty. There was a pause in the air as Sean fell silent.

“That's none of your business,” said Sean, finally breaking Via's heart into pieces.

Via could feel the sound of cracks in her chest, the stinging heat made her a little tight. What Via was afraid of all this time, Sean also said.

Not her business, he said.

How could it be none of her business when they were so intimate?

At least, it was appropriate for her to ask their relationship in the future. Could it be that Sean would forever keep her as a mistress? Oh no. Via refused to be called a mistress. Much better as a secret woman.

“I have the right to know where I stand if there are other women present in this relationship,” Via said softly with her face lowered sadly.

She deliberately hid her face, afraid that Sean would see her hurt expression.

“Just focus on your career. Don't listen to fake news. I don't want to talk about it now, my head is full of other thoughts. I also have to go back to my parents' house tomorrow, after I come back, we will talk again.” Without saying anything after that, Sean left her who was still stunned on the sofa.

The sound of the door closing made Via realize that Sean was no longer with her.

He left herself out of the apartment instead of going to his usual room whenever there was an argument. Those beautiful eyes filled with tears after he left. Really, Via refused the tears that were about to fall. Now she felt much more lonely than before with him.

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