Chapter 7 I He Has Two Numbers

Sean didn't come home today. He gave an excuse that he was going to unpack the luggage in his private penthouse which Via never once set foot. 

From the very beginning of the affair, Sean gave her a private apartment. At first, he visited only when needed, then left again without sleeping together, returning to the private residence without waiting for morning. But over time he settled there with her. At first, it only stayed for a day or two, without being felt for months.

Sean would go back to his hometown tomorrow for visiting his parents. But not just a regular visit, during lunch at the cafeteria, Via also heard that a model woman named Evelyn Madini lived in the same complex as Sean. Rumors spread that the CEO might want to hold an engagement because their parents' houses were next door.

“How did you know they were going to make an engagement?” Amber asked curiously.

Altha as the source of the gossips explained, “Some time ago, Mr. CEO ordered a two-carat diamond ring. Yesterday the ring arrived, and he immediately carried it in his trouser pocket.  His face is also very happy, like someone who’s head over heels. What is it if not glad tidings for a proposal?”

All the women at the table simultaneously sighed with admiration mixed with envy at Evelyn Madini. Many of them who wanted to replace the position of this model.

Via's feelings were even more shaken when she heard he ordered diamond ring. 

Didn't think Sean would go that far without ending their relationship before moving on. She thought Sean would be single forever, as he had committed before their affair began. 

Or was it just her who innocently accepted that Sean Reviano would not marry someone of his social status? Was it true that the heart was easily turned over? After all, this was a matter of socialite political romanticism, where Sean only married the estranged one with him.

“Enough, don't spread hoax anymore,” said Kezia trying to end. Because for her, it was not good to talk about superiors in the work environment.

“This is definitely true, I’m sure. Mr. CEO has never smiled about a diamond ring. The news in the media also supports the reason for the ring,” said Altha confirming their assumption.

“It has nothing to do with us if he gets married, let's just not add more.” Kezia didn't want to lose.  “Every day, Mr. CEO is always the subject of discussion, while we still have many other interesting topics to talk.”

Amber interrupted and didn't want to be left behind, “No wonder he becomes the object of conversation, he looks like a celebrity with the media spotlight.”

Via placed a hand on Kezia's thigh, restraining her partner from retaliating for something that couldn't be won.

“Kei, looks like I forgot to request calibration data from Hadley. Maybe he's back from the meeting, please accompany me to his room.”

Kezia held her tongue, and nodded even though she didn't want to move. That was right, it was useless to argue if the other person was as hard as her.

Both of them said goodbye and left the cafeteria with different feelings.


Via just returned to the apartment soon after she got a message from Sean saying he had just left for his hometown. Via had called several times, but his cell phone was not active. The next day at the office, she did not see Sean in the lobby or corridor as usual. Only then was Via sure they were no longer in the same city.

Three days went by, but Sean didn't even say a word. In her heart, Via realized what she was only his secret woman. It was not his job to keep Via informed all the time, and it was not her right to demand his attention. Their relationship existed because they needed each other.  Physical attachments were fragile and could waver at any time.

It was already day seven, but Sean hadn't come back. Even a piece of news seemed impossible for Via to get. Until she was tired of fiddling with Sean's number, calling tirelessly day and night to which the operator only answered in a cheerful voice saying the number she had dialed could not be reached.

Via was just sitting in the cafeteria, deliberately looking for an empty seat in the corner, when suddenly a mob of gossip queens swarmed her table. She didn't know what made them stick to her, as if wherever she went, the group of women went by themselves.

“Did you hear the news this morning?” Amber asked starting their gossip.

“What news?” greeted by Altha, Cece and others.

“The CEO joined hands with Evelyn at the gala dinner last night,” answered Amber enthusiastically.

Via's heart was torn in two. Her chest was hurt when she heard the news.

“They've often been together. See? Even in this week, both of them have attended same events for three times, plus a romantic dinner together at a five-star restaurant. Look at the intimacy that they showed at dinner, this is a photo taken by papparazi.” As usual Cece showed off her cellphone screen to their group.

Via refused to look, she was not sure that her broken heart could be put back together, just a moment ago she heard the crack in her heart that would soon turn into shards of rubble.

“Gosh… what a perfect match!” They shouted together.

Without realizing it, Via’s hand clenched into fists, squeezing the black span skirt she was wearing.

“Do you know when Mr. CEO will be back?”  asked Amber still admiring Sean's pictures.

Altha nodded while swallowing the toast. “He said in two weeks when the business was finished.  He could work from there taking care of the work here.”

Via's head lifted to hear that explanation. Her heart was pounding to ask something, “When did he call?”

“He calls to the office everyday, so he can take care of all the business here. I also sent a report via email, this has become a procedure when he is absent.”

Via was shocked to hear that. All this time, she thought Sean really didn't have time to hold his phone, but it turned out that he just didn't have time for her. 

But how could Sean contact the office if the number was never active, making Via suspected that Sean didn't only have one number. Her eyes were filled with sad emotion, but she held back so that no one would suspect anything.

“Our CEO is indeed a hard worker,” said Amber whose admiration was increasing.

“That's right, he also asked the employees one by one. Aaaah, what a dream CEO,” Altha added.

The conversation continued to flow where the topic was not far from the ideal CEO. Since then, Via had been silent, becoming a listener team whose heart was no longer in shape with the amount of information she received.

As soon as the group exited the cafeteria, Via grabbed Altha's arm and tried to act casual.

“I want to report something to Mr. CEO, may I have the number?” Via put on a flat face like a professional, to show that it was only for work requirements.

Althea didn't immediately agree. She considered first before deciding to give the number.

“The number is 0…….”

The new number was programmed into Via's cell phone, and the two decided to separate once they arrived at the lobby. Via, whose heart has not calmed down since lunch time, finally decided to go to the women's restroom.

She looked at the cell phone number on the screen for a long time.  Her shoulders drooped as she realized that it was a different number. She didn't dare call out, her heart shattered at the fact that Sean had purposely ignored her existence.

Without feeling her tears flowing uncontrollably, she sobbed on the toilet seat. Thinking of unrequited love, plus the owner of her heart was happy with another woman and didn't care about her in the slightest. Just never asked how she was, maybe she wasn't in his head either.

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