Chapter 9 I Better Go

Disya accompanied Via who looked devastated until her beautiful face looked pale as if she had no desire to continue living. Seeing the depression that was clearly visible on her best friend's face, Disya sat down in front of Via whose eyes were staring. 

She looked at the cell phone whose screen was shattered lying on the floor.

Her hands were shaking as she took the phone.

Her heart believed the contents of the message on the cellphone were the reason Via was in a void state. Right as she expected, Sean's message also made Disya hurt, she even felt a burning anger.

How dare that man hurt her best friend and throw her away like trash?! 

Disya didn't accept it, she really wouldn't forgive him.

“Via, oh ... Via,” Disya sobbed while stroking her friend's swollen face.

Via's eyes stared blankly at the wall, her tears dried, there were only traces of those tears.

“He doesn't want me,” Via whispered hoarsely and lowly. “He doesn't want this baby.”

“Oh... Via.”  Disya didn't know what to say, she could only feel the pain of her best friend. The two of them sat on the floor for a long time, lost in the same sadness.

“What should I do?”

The question sounded more like people were desperate than looking for an answer.

“What about taking a vacation, and calm down away from the city? Just you and me,” Disya tried to persuade Via and trying to sound tough. 

She pulled Via to stand up from where she was and took her to the room.

Via lay down on the bed, and let Disya did whatever she wanted without even looking at her best friend.

Disya was about to call Sean's number listed on her cellphone, but she tried her best not to do it because it would only increase the width of the wound. So without realizing it, she turned off the phone and put it in a drawer.

Disya decided to join in the bed with Via and hugged her best friend who was in a state as if her body and soul were separated. The two of them were silent without the slightest sound until they fell asleep to close the day.


Via entered her superior room at Luna Star. The man in front of Via looked at her with a confused look when she suddenly handed over the resignation letter.

“You want resign? Are you sure?” asked Hadley.

Via gave a thin smile, a smile that did not reach the eyes. Her face looked puffy, even though it was covered with make-up, it was still clearly visible. What's more, her body gestures were not as cheerful as usual.

“I've thought it through. Sorry to resign suddenly, but this is just a personal reason and has nothing to do with the company,” Via said in a low voice slightly bowed.

Hadley sighed with his shoulders slightly bent down.  He nodded without being able to hold Via whose determination was round.

“I wish you could wait until the CEO comes home, but I can't seem to hold you back any longer.  So, all right. Report to HRD before packing your things. Hand over all your documents and work to Kezia before leaving,” Hadley explained while allowing Via to leave the room.

Via thanked Hadley before leaving.

While tidying things up on the desk, Kezia ran over and looked at Via confusedly, slightly disappointed.

“What is it? Why did you resign?” Kezia asked in a slightly panicked tone.

“Yeah, just my personal reason. I am sorry, I can’t explain,” replied Via, still busy putting things that belong to her in the box.

“Then what about me? I can do nothing without you, you know?” Kezia held Via's hand who was about to put a figure into the box.

“Via, don't be like this. Please don't go, who else will accompany me to lunch.” Kezia shamelessly cried while holding Via's arm hanging in the air.

Sadness covered Via. At first, she thought there was no longer any emotion in her shattered soul, but it turned out that she still had more sadness.

“I'm sorry,” Via whispered with a tear falling down her left cheek. 

She put her figure down and pulled Kezia in a hug. Thinking that this might be the last time she saw a coworker who actually cared about her. 

“But I can't be in this hotel anymore, you have to be alone. I'm sure your career will have a good progress later, even you can take my position.”

Kezia's hug tightened. They just hugged for a while before Via finally decided to leave and said goodbye to her other colleagues with teary eyes leaving Luna Star.

Outside the building, she stared at the towering building. Recalling her early days of innocence.  How naively her dreamed that she could make Sean Reviano fell in love and made her as his priority.

That man was no different from other men who were only looking for a body as a sleeping partner. His mouth was so sweet that Via was deceived by the warmth he showed. All of that was nothing more than a play that he ran as a talented actor, until Via unknowingly gave up her whole heart.

Via looked down and walked away from Luna Star, hoping this was the last time she would hear Sean Reviano's name, then erased the man's memory from her head and heart.


Disya helped Via packing her clothes into the suitcase. They worked in silence while tidying up Via's personal equipment that she didn't want to leave. Two hours later, not a single trace of Via's belongings ever filled the luxury apartment.  Everything looked as neat as the first time Via set foot there.

Via's memory brought her back to the memory of the first time Sean took her there while kissing her non-stop as if he was never satisfied with touching. His warm hands were never far from her body, even Sean deliberately lingered in the apartment before finally leaving for work.

There were so many sweet memories in the apartment that did not belong to her personally, but now the apartment looked gloomy after being filled with wounds last night.

She gripped the doorknob tightly before exiting. The sound of the door closing seemed to end her relationship with Sean and close their memories tightly in a room that now felt strange to Via. With heavy steps while inhaling, Via gave up everything, letting go of something that never belong to her.

As Sean said when he asked her to move into the apartment.

“This place is a temporary home for you, stay here so I can visit anytime.”

Yes, the apartment was only temporary. Now Via understood what Sean meant. She had been so deaf before, not once digesting his words.  Feeling herself like Cinderella. But in reality, she was nothing more than a mistress. How naive.

Disya pulled Via's hand, which was still frozen in front of the apartment door, looking at her reluctantly.

“Come on Via, the time has arrived,” said Disya carefully as she pulled her best friend away from the place full of memories.

Via ran on auto pilot, with her head full of memories replaying over and over, although in the end she followed Disya who led her to the elevator, leaving everything she thought was a false future.

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