Sean’s gaze focused on the CCTV which showing Via’s activities in her private workspace. Not a single eye blinked, while one of his hands on the table moved with a rhythm like the sound of a horse’s tread.

When Via got up from her chair and left the room, Sean immediately replaced the screen with CCTV in every corridor she passed. 

Via greeted several employees and stopped briefly to talk. Seeing her routine by heart, Sean turned his attention to the work at the desk and sipped his black coffee while occasionally glancing at the CCTV screen.

Now Via moved towards the pantry, and Sean’s eyes followed, but the cup in his hand stopped in front of his lips when he saw someone entering the pantry right behind her.


Via felt thirsty suddenly and she forgot to bring a water bottle into the room.

After greeting her seniors, Via also chose not to linger to talk, because she was still very awkward. Luckily there was no

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