Via’s heart was still pounding, and she returned to her room with feeling still shrouded in fear.  Even a question popped into her head; what if Devan went inside?

Not wanting someone to suddenly enter her office, Via locked the door, hoping that her boss, Hadley, wouldn’t ask.

Once back in her chair, Via tried to focus on completing the documents on the computer, but she was still restless and uneasy so she looked for the AC remote to lower the room temperature.

A pinging sound signaling an incoming message to her phone awakened Via instantly. She thought it might be Sean.

Sean: [Are you okay?]

Via was frozen for some minutes when she read the chat. She typed a few words, then erased them again, unsure of what to say. Her finger stopped when she wanted to say ‘not okay’ and instantly she put her head on the table with her phone beside her without replying to the chat.

“What should I answer?”

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