“Secret… from everyone?” Via asked in a whisper, right in front of Sean’s lips who had just kissed her.

The light reflected from the buildings around made their lips glistening with wetness.

“Yes,” he muttered which was followed by a growl when he ran the tip of his nose right behind her neck, causing her body to tremble.

Via’s eyes closed again when Sean left traces of kiss after kiss which was carried out slowly around her sensitive neck skin.

“Sean,” called Via who did not understand what her body wanted.

“Yes, Baby,” Sean replied as he pulled Via’s waist so that their lower bodies were pressed close together.

Via jumped in surprise when she felt something pressing around her femininity, making Sean laugh softly and deliberately kissed her lips to dispel her protests.

At first Sean only teased her lower lip with small bites, then after that he slid his tongue

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