Via had already filled the bathtub with warm water and put the bomb bath in it when suddenly she heard the sound of the bathroom door closing. Via turned back for a moment and with a rounded mouth in O letter, her gaze also asked Sean who went inside.

“What are you doing here?”  Via asked while glancing at the door.

“Shower, of course,” replied Sean who started to undress.

How could you shower when Caro is alone there? Via pulled a towel from the shelf and put it on and then walked past her husband, but Sean’s arms wrapped around her waist, instantly stopped Via in place.

“I gave him a toy. So don’t worry, Baby,” Sean said lightly, as if they were talking about a kitten outside alone instead of a ten month old baby.

“Gosh! What if he cries, Sean? Nobody takes care of him right now,” protested Via while trying to break free.

Too bad, Baby Caro’s nanny was asking permission

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