The bone-chilling cold air made Via tighten the scarf around her neck. She fastened her steps as she crossed the slightly windy streets of New York.

Maybe, it would rain tonight, so Via speed up her pace. And she was just about to arrive in front of the Luna Star building, when suddenly a car slowed down on the side of the road which forced her to stop. She unconsciously rolled her eyes when she saw who was behind the wheel.

“Get in the car, or I’ll smack your pretty ass as soon as we get home,” said the man who leaned toward the window and stared at Via who looked disapproval.

Instead of following Sean’s words whom he would definitely carry out his promise, Via instead continued her walked and made Sean couldn’t help but park the car on the side of the road.

Sean didn’t care if he got a police ticket, because for him, bringing the stubborn woman back home was far more important. And in a very hasty, he immediately got

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