Part 5

The group were deathly quiet as they walked home, but it wasn't an ordinary silence. It felt almost as if there was a weight to it. Or some other tangible element. Even the birds and squirrels were keeping their distance.

Theon had remained behind with the elder members of the council. Katie figured he was either going to lay down the law or transform and eat them. He wasn't one to be bossed about by people with what he called 'borrowed power.' His power was real; backed up by teeth and claws. He would not give an inch to anyone weaker than himself, which included pretty much everyone. Alexander had been smart enough to figure this out and had left him to his own devices, never once giving him an order. 

Theon challenging Jason's leadership was a shock to just about everyone else, but not to Katie. She knew there was no way he would live under the rule of a guy his own age. Especially not a stuck-up prick like Jason. Alexander wasn't gr

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