Part 6

The silence that fell over the hall as the last straggler departed was deafening. Jade heels clicked over the hardwood floor, making an echo that alerted Theon's attention. As he turned to face, her she froze on the spot—a deer in headlights.

'A deer,' she thought. 'I'm one of the strongest Alpha's in this pack, and he makes me feel like prey.'

A shiver ran down her spine as he approached slowly, placing steps carefully as if stalking her—as if he knew the effect he was having on her body.

Her knees were like jelly when his feet bumped against hers. He loomed over her, face still puckered with marks from the transformation. The veins on his neck stood out, throbbing with the slow and steady beat of his heart. He wasn't excited or afraid—but entirely at ease.

For a horrible moment, as he stared without blinking, she couldn't remember the words she wished t

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