Part 7

'What's going on here?'

Katie screwed up her face in defiance. "I'm making spicy chicken wraps. What does it look like?"

She stiffened but tried to hold her ground as Theon approached, aware of what was coming. He'd place a hand on her neck and gently squeeze, maintaining constant pressure that became too much to bear. Eventually, the pain would be too great, and she would apologize for fear of having her collarbone crushed.

"No, no, no," she argued, feeling his bony fingers poke at her. He'd never hurt her, not intentionally, but he didn't let her 'sass' him, as he put it. 

"What's with this attitude? Hmm?" he asked. "Don't you know you're talking to the Alpha Prime?"

"Sorry, Sir," she uttered, rolling her eyes. She turned to face him, slipping away from his grasp. "I'm proud of you. Really. I'm making dinner to celebrate."

"Hmm." Theon flashed

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