Chapter 11

Katie leaned back in her chair, trying to get comfortable. At almost 6 feet tall, she wasn't built for the furniture. Being a small village, everyone attended the same school from primary all the way up to age eighteen, at which point most of them, Katie included, had an insane growth spurt.

The official school curriculum, consisting of everything the human world covered, had officially ended. However, there were a few more things for the teens to learn before being sent out into the world. 

"In humans, the hormone oxytocin enforces building relationships, social bonding as well as supporting childbearing and breastfeeding. We have substantially elevated amounts of this hormone, and this is the reason our society is so tight-knit and close." The teacher took a deep breath. "Now, oxytocin is released during a sexual encounter—"

Some of the boys whooped and cheered at the word sexual.


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