Chapter 12

Princess Angelica Preston walked ahead of her assistants, listening to the clicking of the suitcase wheels as her girls dragged the cumbersome load down the tunnel of steel of glass toward the airport. The cold sun shone through the glass, glinting in her eyes.

She pulled her Armani sunglasses from her coat pocket. Such an odd combination—a winter coat and sunglasses—but she was familiar with this Country and its peculiar weather.

"Our guide should be waiting outside with a navy-blue sign," she informed them for the third time, with the expectance they would seek him out and do the talking. Talking to the common people in her place was their job after all.

"Oh that has got to be him," the blonde girl said to the brunette, pointing down at the crowd below. 

The tone in her voice prompted Angelica to look out of sheer curiosity. One man stood out among the others like a tall and ragged

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