Chapter 13

Katie ran to the school building so fast she almost skidded right into the hotdog food truck. Catching herself, she turned and breathed deeply, scanning the air for his scent. 

"This way," she shouted to Haley, who was only a few steps behind.

The world became a blur again as she started to run, the rasp of her breathing and clatter of her footstep being the only sounds. As she slowed, another noise grew in the distance—the cheers and shouts of fight spectators.

"Kill him!" one shouted. 

Katie pushed her way through the wall of bodies, ready and prepared to jump in—to use herself as a shield to save her love.

She stared down at the ground, frowning in confusion.

"Jason," she whispered to herself, standing limp as Haley caught up, clinging to her form to steady herself.

"What the heck?" Haley muttered.


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