Chapter 15

Haley squeezed in next to Katie at the windowsill, trying to get a view of the exchange between Theon and the new guy. She was shocked to see he was only taking a battering of the verbal kind, then surprised further when a group of females appeared.

The girls materialised from the bushes like a team of phantoms. The tallest and most highly decorated of them stepped forward to talk to Theon. 

"I want to hear what's going on," Katie whined. Her fingers grasped the window frame little white spots appeared on her knuckles.

"Let's sneak outside," Haley suggested. "If we slip out the open back door, they might not hear us."

"Right." Katie nodded. "Oh, wait."

She grabbed her hand, pulling her back to the window. "I think they are coming inside."

Haley nodded in agreement as she watched the women follow Theon and Devlin toward the house. She jumped out of the wi

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