Chapter 16

"Are you sure about this?" Haley asked her for the seventeenth time—not that she was counting or anything. 

With an exaggerated eye roll, she nodded, grabbing her friend by the shoulders. "I'm sure everything will be fine. I'll be linked up with Theon the entire time."

"But spying on one of the most powerful vampires in the world? Will Theon's powers really protect you enough to keep your plan secret?"

Katie frowned. "I don't think he'd send me in there if there was a huge risk of me dying."

At least... she hoped that was true.

"I'm scared for you." Haley's eyes filled with tears. "If I was prettier, I'd go with you."

"Don't say that!" Katie cried. "You are pretty! Besides, I want you here safe. This is my mission, well, that's how I'm choosing to think about it. I'm on a secret mission to save our species from slavery."

It mad

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