Chapter 17

After arriving and waiting in Angelica's quarters for a day and a half alone, Jen finally joined her.

"It's done," Jen informed her. "The new deal has been negotiated."

Katie exhaled as she nodded, expelling a tensive lungful of breath she hadn't noticed she was holding. After following the quiet girl to the town centre, she waited patiently in the town meeting hall for the princess to gather the other omegas to join her.

Some of them cried while others remained outwardly strong, but they all huddled together in a cluster of shared terror and mistrust. These people had been pulled from their lives and forced to make the ultimate sacrifice. 

'And this has been happening for years,' Katie thought, filled with a sudden burst of pride that she and her kin were about to end this evil tradition. 

Unable to comfort the others, she had no choice but to imitate the

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