Chapter 2- Bathrobe

Alex and Bryce on the other hand were standing in front of the counter since the attendant had called them back and agreed to deliver them the coffee since they were going to double the price for her.

"Excuse me, what's going on here!?" A feminine voice floated out from a close distance which got Alex, Bryce and the other classmates to tilt their heads in the direction of the egotistic tiny voice.

Alex eyes met on the unfamiliar girl in a white bathrobe that was barely covering her thighs, her blonde hair was loosed and half styled. She was followed by girls numbering up to twenty, they must have been there too for the vacation. Alex was busy observing her when Bryce suddenly nudged him and whispered.

"This is getting interesting, Alex. Eyes on these hot looking girls. Where have they been hiding all this time? " 

"All I'm seeing is 'bathrobe', nothing else." Alex shrugged at his friend and maintained a straight face but found himself swallowing something in his throat unintentionally.

The girls closed up the gap between them and the blonde hair one was now standing in front of the counter while the others stood behind her folding there arms and mummuring. She did as if Alex never existed as she just stood beside him and looked straight into the eyes of the attendant before clicking her fingers and pouted her lips annoyingly.

"Hey you, I'm here for the coffee. You can deliver it to us right away, on that table." she said as she pointed to the wide dinning hall that was few metres away.

The coffee girl was by this time confused and was disturbed on who to deliver to since they were in limited supply of coffee that morning.

The coffee attendant let out a distressed breath and her heart beat was by this time hitting hard on her chest.

Alex on the other hand felt annoyed and angry and he was determined to make sure he get what he wanted by all means.

"Remember I'm doubling the price" Alex said in a reminding tone to the coffee attendant but he had barely ended his statement when the girl he had instantly named the 'bathrobe girl' the moment he sighted her coming towards them, broke into his voice.

"And I am trippling it" she said egostically as she slid her debit card on the counter and winked an eye at the girl in front of her. Everyone gasped and all eyes were now on the blonde girl.

Alex was about to push forward with the doubling when his conciousness dragged him back. This was not some kind of bidding or auctioning and the 'bathrobe girl' was proofing stubborn. he thought.

He followed his mind and summoned his friend, Bryce to let them back off. Bryce who was enjoying every moment was jolted back to life as Alex tapped him gently on the shoulder and said.

"Ain't dragging any further" 

"W...w...What? Okay. Cool" Bryce stuttered as if distabilised at something but later admitted to Alex's opinion.

"Let's go guys we can't keep arguing with the girls" Bryce said to the other guys and they started filing away disappointedly.

Alex picked his debit card and tucked it back into his breast pocket, took some steps away from the counter before he heard someone saying.

"Carina, it seems that this clown is broke" she said and chuckled along with the other girls annoyingly.

He halted suddenly as if his bone had became stiffened all of a sudden and turned around to see who the hell had called him a clown which was none other than the 'bathrobe girl'.

"Bathrobe......" He called out angrily.

Series of reaction clustered around his head as he wasn't expecting someone to disrespect him so easily like that. Bryce and the other guys were now standing beside Alex and same goes to Kayla too whom her friend, Carina and others were all standing behind as if they were about to fight for.

"How dare you insult my friend!? How can you call her 'bathrobe'?" Carina said, directing the question straight at Alex as she placed one hand on her waist and tapped her left feet on the floor angrily.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Didn't you hear her called me a 'clown'?" Alex said feeling impatiently and his eyes clashed with those of Bryce that were by now burning with anger.

"Are you not a clown? Of course, you are." Carina said which made all the girls in their squad to burst out laughing sarcastically while Alex and his squad all became dumbstrucked and angry as they watched the arrogant girls.

"You have no right to insult my friend too. And I think it will do you good to apologize right away" Bryce butted in and said frankly with a deadly stares on Carina.

"Kayla, who is this?" Carina asked Kayla rudely who in turn stared back at Bryce annoyingly and smirked before saying.

"What does it seems to look like? Kayla returned the question with a devilish smirked.

"It?" Bryce muttered and blinked his eyes several times in disbelief.

"A pickle, I guess." Carina replied and they all bursted out laughing once again even when they all knew that those two guys in front of them were breathtaking.

Some thin lines were already drawn on Bryce forehead and his eyes narrowed. It was obvious that he was trying to calm his temper down. There was no way he was standing here and watch some girls call him some weird names.

"Alex, we've had enough of their babblings. Let get going." Bryce who was no longer finding the girls humiliation which was now getting out of hands funny summoned his friend, Alex and the other guys to just walk away. And that was what they did.

They ended up getting no coffee that morning but ended up getting weird names from the arrogant girls.

The girls continued to yell and curse them as they walked away but they brushed it off.                          

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