Chapter 5- Brown

Kayla slumped down briskly on her bed and was glad the moment Carina's text popped out at the right moment she needed it.

"Xup babe, gist me. What's popping?"

"Hey, girl, it seems they are finally trading me off" Kayla texted back in a hurry.

"Have you found out about the family yet?" Carina texted back.

"No, they are trying to surprise me with it, and I'm not even interested in knowing it, ” Kayla texted back.

"Oh, so sad, but I would like us to carry out some sorting, will that be cool with you?" Carina texted.

"Maybe I will feel better if I know the family before meeting them in three days time" 

"Exactly. It can't be the MCSmith because their last grown-up boy got engaged two months ago" Carina cleared out in her text.

"That's true. The Jones have been visiting us lately and acting nice to me. I won't be surprised at all if they turn out to be the surprise package that my parents have been talking about" Kayla texted.

"The Jones are okay. They have up to seven casinos and eateries right here in San Francisco." Carina texted back trying to act cool about the Jones family.

"But Jone's son always makes me feel like puking whenever I set my eyes on him. The guy isn't my taste at all. I wish they were not the one" Kayla prayed and crossed the Jones out of the list.

"Hmmm, okay, we still have two families left. The MC Kenzie's and the almighty Browns." Carina texted.

Kayla's eyes bugged out suddenly at the sight of the Brown's name being on the list. One of the richest billionaires in the world who loved to maintain a classic, reserved life. She had always wished it was the Brown's family. But there was no way the Brown's family could be on the list of her suitor because their standard was far beyond the Davis.

"The Brown! What will make the Brown stooped so low for a girl like me? They would rather go for the likes of Amy Gonzales of their noble class. It will rather be the MC Kenzie because they have one unmarried son. He is not that bad though. I can still accept him for my dad's sake" Kayla texted back.

"You are right, the MC Kenzie guy isn't that bad, but I've been hearing a lot of rumors about him wearing wigs because I heard that he is totally bald. Not a single strand of hair on his head." Carina texted back, which infuriated Kayla. She clenched her fist before texting back.

"Is it supposed to be funny? You shouldn't have let me know about it, and it might not even be true. All those crazy articles on the internet don't usually bother me"

"Oh, don't mind me. I'm just trying to let you know beforehand. I'm sorry if that touches the wrong spot. Kayla MC Kenzie, my friend" she texted back teasingly.

"Stop acting like an asshole. Can we chill out later in the evening? I'm getting bored in here" Kayla texted.

"I don't think it's a good idea. You have to be at home and start preparing for the meeting" Carina warned.

"We will just chill, you know, we won't spend much time outside. I will pick you up at your doorstep"

"Kayla, no. What of your parents? Especially your mom." Carina ask.

"Stop worrying, I'll get everything covered. Anyway, I'm about to get my body massaged. The therapist is here right now. I will call you when I'm done, bye." Kayla texted hurriedly because the arrival of the massage therapist had been announced to her about five minutes ago.

Kayla dropped her phone on the bed and heaved a sigh as she climbed down the stairs and met up with the therapist.


Kayla Davis could be seen with her friend, Carina Lopez inside the most popular and best club in San Francisco. Music was pounding out loud from each corner of the wall, and one could only shout into another's ear when one wanted to maintain an interactive chat.

The two girls were calmly seated on a leather stool with a glass of cocktail in their hands each.

"Kayla, are you okay now?" Carina shouted at Kayla. She raised her wineglass up in the air, they clinked twice and winked at each other before taking a sip out of their drinks.

"I'm good. I can feel myself now." Kayla shouted back at Carina.

After taking a  few more cups of cocktail, Kayla could feel slight soreness in her throat and drowsiness was taking over her eyes, but she wasn't ready to let it spoil her plan of getting herself drunk in order to calm her nerves down.

"Should we get going now? You know, we can hardly see." Carina said and slunged her purse across her shoulder.

"Let's take three more shots... please" Kayla said with a half smile.

"One shut, and we are off." Carina said

"Two. Okay. Two. Don't you want me to be fine, Cari?" She said in a pitiful way. Cari felt sorry for her friend's condition and gestured at the waiter to get them two shots each ASAP.

A few minutes later, they had gulped down the two cups of cocktail. Cari was by this time not getting along with her body, but she controlled herself by not making it obvious that she was also drunk.

A couple of minutes later, Kayla began to feel distressed as her bladder couldn't hold back the pressing urine that might soon find its way out easily.

She plucked her phone out of her purse, dropped the purse and told Cari that she needed to visit the ladies.

"Let me come with you." Cari suggested as she stopped Kayla from walking away by gripping her wrist. "You might need my help there"

"No, I'm going to be okay. Stop being overprotective. My phone is with me. If I need your help, I will call. Just wait here for me,” she said, pulled her hand out of Cari's and stumbled away.

Kayla stumbled into the restroom unstabilized. Unfortunately for her, she mistakenly entered the men's restroom and without hesitating she began to undress her underwear and sat down on the closet to empty her bowel.

Meanwhile, a young looking guy in his early twenties was at one corner of the room. He had spotted Kayla the moment she had stepped inside the gents and was fully sure that the girl was not in her right state of mind since she couldn't even differentiate between the gents and the ladies.

He intentionally waited behind and watched the last man leave before he walked closer to the door of the room Kayla had entered and waited patiently for her to step out.

This wasn't his first time doing this. He was one of those guys that were always at the club restroom to prey on drunk, careless girls.

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