Chapter 7 - She's in the bath

"Alex, you won't believe this. I bumped into one of those girls." Bryce said, still standing.

Alex, who was about taking another gulp from his red wine, almost choked on it. "What!? Which girls!?" He asked with a raised eyebrow even though he knew the girls that Bryce was talking about.

Bryce sat down on the leather couch that was facing Alex.

"One of the girls that we met in Mexico." He explained and traced some imaginary image with his finger on the table that was between them.

"Which one of them?" Alex asked.

"The one that called me a pickle.

"You don't mean it. Where did you see her? Are they together? Is she with her?"Alex asked surprisingly, sprang up from his seat suddenly and gulped the remaining wine in his wineglass down at once.

"Chill,dude."Bryce said to calm an obviously nervous Alex down."I bumped into her on my way to the restroom, but the bathrobe wasn't with her. She was alone and...drunk." 

Bryce started wondering about what was going t
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