Chapter 11 - Mixed Reaction

They were seated inside an exclusive room that was painted in a bold white colour, and every object in the room was peach white and crystal clean. 

The room was surrounded with protective glasses all through, and the natural blue sky played the role of a background.

The couches, the table, the flower vases were well-arranged, and there was a section of the room with a wine bar which was filled with different wines.

Kayla's parents were seated next to her, Carina on a different couch and the Browns were seated on their right-hand side. Ava was on a lone couch on Carina's left-hand side, observing everything under her eyelashes and an empty long couch which Alex and Bryce were supposed to sit on was facing the Davis's.

A maid approached them with a bottle of champagne and poured the wine into each of their crystal wineglasses moderately.

They all clinked with people next to them and took a sip of their wine.

Kayla was getting extremely nervous, and her heart was
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