Chapter 12 - Doppelgangers

"Alex! Bryce!" Mrs Brown warned when she was back to her senses.

"Kayla! Carina! Language" Mrs Davis cautioned the two girls with a curious expression. 'What is going on here? Have they met before?' She asked her subconsciousness.

"Have you guys met before?" Mrs Brown asked, directing the question at Alex who was acting annoyed at the sight of Kayla even though he was beyond happy.

He parted his lips and bit it softly before answering. "No. They are doppelgangers." Alex replied.

Mrs Davis right eyebrow became furrowed in disbelief and Bryce's jaw dropped down in shock because of how fast Alex had come up with that fat lie within a second.

"I don't believe that for a second. I heard something like clown, pickle bath... And you're saying that you haven't met before?" Mrs Brown pestered.

"He is saying the truth, ma'am. We've not met before." Kayla replied while Alex gave her a scornful look.

Mrs Brown was quiet for some seconds and seemed to be lost i
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