Chapter 14 - Red head

Few minutes earlier

Ava's eyes bugged out in disbelief as she saw Bryce and Carina kissing passionately. She gnashed her teeth and clenched her fists until her knuckles began to turn white, but she managed to pull back the tears that threatened to fall, sighed heavily and walked away quickly.

She met the maid that was sent to call Bryce and Carina, gave her a disdainful look before walking away angrily. The maid had no idea what the sudden hateful stares were all about until she saw Bryce and Carina holding hands and smiling at each other beside the pool.

Her instinct connected everything together, and she understood the reason why she had received such a hateful stare from Ava earlier. She plucked her phone out of her pocket and made an urgent call on it. She delivered her message and smiled as she hung up the call, put her phone back inside her pocket and walked towards the young lovers.


Carina and Bryce decided to walk in separately. Cari
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