Chapter 15 - my first kiss

Kayla and Carina lay down on Kayla's bed after they took their showers and changed into their night pyjamas. 

Carina turned her back to Kayla and started touching her lips slowly while blushing. Kayla noticed that something was off because Carina doesn't usually turn her back to her and softly taped her on her shoulder as she said. "Cari, is everything okay?"

Carina tossed and faced Kayla.

"I'm okay, Kayla" she beamed and then pouted her lips, "but promise me that you won't get mad at me if I tell you this?"

"Why will I be mad at you?" Kayla said it with an open mind.

When Carina heard this, she sat up on the bed and Kayla followed suit.

Carina fixed her eyes on her friend's in order to read her reaction, shrugged her shoulders and said quietly to her friend "I had my first kiss" She covered her mouth with her palm the second she said it because she was a little bit scared of how Kayla was going to react, but when Kayla sprang up from the bed, poun
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