Chapter 35- It's just us here

"Carina, may I join you for a drink? Ruby inquired politely, holding Carina's hand and smiling sweetly.

Carina was taken aback because she wasn't expecting Ruby to be polite to her at all costs, but the lady in front of her appears to have changed.

Carina accompanied her to their table and sat beside her.

Ruby served the wine and offered Carina a wineglass, and cleared her throat

"Do you truly love him, Carina? Carina's eyes blinked unwillingly as she asked.

Bryce walked into the living area and looked around for Ava, and when he  couldn't find her downstairs, he took the elevator up to the floor with Ava's room. He paused for a bit to gather his breath, and  knocked quietly on her door, but no one answered.

His blood pressure rose as he wondered if Ava had already committed suicide.

He pushed the door, and the thing  flew open. When he walked in, his gaze was drawn immediately to the glass window to ensure she
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