Chapter 40- Four inches

Three weeks later, Alex's hired personal investigator discovered every detail about the blackmailer's life.

How his father had abandoned him and his ailing mother when he was a child.

How he began scavenging for food in order to survive.

How he began the act of harrassing girls, with Kayla becoming his tenth and richest victim.

When he was taken into custody and condemned to prison.

And how his mother's hospital cost was paid while he was still in prison by an unknown source.

The detective dug deeper into the case and discovered that the blackmailer had been visited by one of the richest girls in the world just a few hours after he was apprehended.

Everything was becoming plain to Alex, and all evidence in their possession now pointed to a single individual in particular, but they lacked the evidence necessary to bring that individual to justice.


Ava had marked the face of the maid she had sent to call Carina that
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