Alpha Xander
Alpha Xander
Author: Humble Smith123

Episode 1

"Run!!!... run!!!" My father's scream rang out in my ear as mom clutched my hand and ran away.

I was limping and glancing back to Dad, who had stopped running with us and turned to fight back against the enemies who were chasing after us. Group of men who I know nothing about as they were all masked.

Hot tears brimmed my eyes and flood over my cheeks with sweat covered on my face. My heart was hitting furiously inside my chest in great terror while my head banged so badly like my skull was broken. I was extremely hungry, but all that wasn't what anyone was talking about.

We were fleeing from some group of assassins who had wiped out all of the members of my pack; they have attacked us and killed everyone, with only me and my parents remaining as the only survivors.

"Mom, will Daddy die?" I asked, amidst my tears.

Mom couldn't give me a reply, she only let out a shrill of pain and I could see her lips quivering as she tried hard not to burst into a cry.

She kept running faster with all her might and my legs were getting weary and hurting badly, especially my foot, which was badly wounded. I was becoming frail and dizzy that my legs were having difficulty carrying me, but Mom kept pulling me through.

"Aghhhhr!!" I screamed and dragged my hand from her grip, falling to the ground. My ankle had just sprained, and my knees couldn't hold me anymore. I lay on the ground in intense pain, thirst and struggle for breath.

My mom paused her pace and spin to my direction with terror in her eyes.

" Lena!" She cried out and tried dragging my hand, but I wriggled it off, wagging my head vigorously.

"I can't go on any longer!" I shrieked in tears staring at my legs which was already swollen.

"We aren't far from them. Here isn't hidden either. They will find us! " She sobbed, tears rolling continuously down her cheeks. There was intense sadness in those blue eyes of hers.

Her whole body was shaking as she staggered forward and tried to grip me up,

"Mom, I'll die if I move any further. I'm thirsty, I'm hungry, I'm sick, I'm exhausted, my legs are weak, I have a broken ankle! I can't go on anymore!!! " I whimpered, feeling the intense pain take over me, from my head to toe.

"Because you are the one they are looking for, Lena!! You know, they wiped out the whole pack just to get you killed. They won't relent until you are dead, and I can't allow you to die! " She burst out into a painful yell, the type that shredded my heart into pieces.

"Mom, what did I do to them? What is my crime?" I asked, breathing heavily.

She attempted to say something, but then we heard footsteps running towards us.

"They are nearby!" She screamed, and I sobbed, trying hard to stand up.

She dragged me up, and I cried more, in extreme pain. I'm just 16 years old. I can't bear all this!!

"Mom, why can't you shift to a wolf and take me away?" I whined, feeling the excruciating pains take over my whole body, making me limp.

"They took away my wolf. Look, Lena, you should be alive. No matter what happens, go away!!!" She screamed, and I raised my brow at her as she abruptly stopped running, just like my father had.

"Mommy, why are you standing there? Let's go!" I arched my brow, but she shook her head and held my cheeks tenderly. She pecked my lips and smiled.

"I love you, please be alive and run far away!!" I'll stop them!" She smiled, leaving me stunned.

"No. Mom, no!!... You can't stop them!" I whimpered, shaking my head.

"I will stop them and meet you. I'll come back," she sniffed, but I wagged my head, holding her hand.

"Dad couldn't stop them, and you can't either! Dad would be dead by now, and I can't lose both of you!" I sobbed, and the multiple footsteps of the killers got closer and louder.

"Go away!!!" She screamed and pushed me off her.

I fell heavily on my butt on the ground.

"Go away!" You can't die! You will be the one to avenge us. Don't die too, go away from here!!" She kept yelling, with those tears flooding down from her eyes.

I rose weakly and shivered as fear and sadness exuded from my heart. I moved my shaky legs backward, afraid of leaving my mother all alone.

"Run away, you little girl!" She cried out with the most painful tone I had ever heard. Her cry was like a stab to my heart. I needed to run and save my life since that was what she wanted. I couldn't disobey her.

Before bolting away, I let out a loud shrill of agony. I hoped and prayed my mother would defeat them and come back for me, even when it seemed impossible.

My heart shattered into pieces. I was so exhausted, not from the run, but from the fact that my mother and father were giving their lives to save me.

What was the point of living when your life meant losing your parents?

My father died saving me. My mother was also going to die, leaving me in a world I knew nothing about.

I let out a deep breath and started to run farther, but then I was shocked to find out I was on a single path that had ended. Fear gripped me.

The road has come to an end.

"Where does mom want me to pass through?" I mused and fluttered my glistening eyes.

It was already evening, and the forest was becoming very scary. I was shivering as it dawned on me that there was no hope. The men would be here soon, and there was no place to hide.

It was all useless. It had all been useless all this time.

They all died to save me, not knowing I'd end up dying at the end.

Tears rolled down my eyes as I turned back and took receding steps. I was going back to see my mom. I would rather fight alongside her and get killed than stay here.

I sped back so fast with all the strength I had. The adrenaline of meeting my mother for the last time gave me more strength. I was faster and finally got to where Mom was.

My eyes widened at what I saw. I had great horror rush through me, my heart racing as I became stiff. I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

My mother was lying in a pool of her blood. Her arms were broken and her legs were jutted to an unnatural angles while the men which were seven in numbers kept hitting her. She was struggling to breathe. They were all muscular and had a golden mask, and I was also able to see a skull tattoo drawn on the left arm of one of them.

My mom cried out in anguish, and that made me attack them with all the strength I had. My wolf was dumb and powerless as she cower at the edge of me in grief and fear. Something else was giving me strength.

My name is Lena, a fragile and sissy werewolf who can't match up with these hefty men, but I was suddenly sure to kill one of them before dying.

I don't know how it happened, but with the rage and pain in my heart, I formed a fireball from my inner powers, which I can't tell where I got it from.

With a scream, I fired the shot at one of them, and it struck his heart, bringing him down immediately.

The remaining six raised their gazes at me in surprise, and I could see how enraged they were from their eyes, which was the only visible part of their faces.

"How could you!!!" One of them roared.

"She just offered herself to us easily!" Another growled, and my heart grew heavier in fear.

They all charged at me, and I tried to form that ball again. I tried all I could do to make the power surge out again, but nothing happened.

They marched on, menacingly.

I knew I was going to die. It is all over. Mom is motionless over there. I can't tell if she is dead, but I know I am not going to survive.

My eyes moved to each of the men, one after the other, causing terror to fill me.

I began to move my legs backwards, and just as I was about to run away, a strong rope spinned around my body, tightly binding me together.

I turned to them with tears in my eyes, pleading as the rope tightened around my body, but I couldn't even make a sound before they all delivered a powerful blow on me at the same time.

It sent me crashing heavily onto the ground with a loud thud. My bones cracked; every part of me was injured by that blow. I couldn't cry; I was dying instead.

They walked forward, and I swallowed the lump in my throat, staring at them in pain.

Their smirk could be seen through the mask.

"Finally, she will die." They laughed and formed a black fog from their palms.

"Let's rip off her soul, crush and burn her body to ashes, and erase her from this world," they added, and laughed again. Their tone showed how happy they were. It was a victory for them.

I saw them with thier magic powers, and I shut my eyes, ready to die. There was no way I would survive another hit...

My eyes were shut tightly with hot tears rolling out. My weak wolf shivered and cuddled herself together. I could also feel her pain.

There was nothing I could do, there was nothing she could do. We were dying, together with my parents.

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Jane Walker
I’m not crying.....I’m not! Heartbreaking that they wiped out her entire pack and her parents gave their lives for her! Looking forward to reading the rest of the story.
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Princess Treasure
Wait, I have to cry ........................

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