Episode 3

Lena's POV

"What is your name?" I asked the lady who had just saved me.

She smiled and held my delicate hands gently.

"My name is Lillian. And you?" She inquired as she led my way.

"My name is Lena," I replied and sulked, feeling so sad as I darted my gaze back to where my dead mother's body lay, which increased the pain in my heart.

The scene of those men hitting her brutally made my heart heavy with pain, so I quickly looked away.

"I'm sorry for the loss. I came late. You have to calm down and get over it because you will grow to become more powerful than anyone. You will do more than fire fireballs. " She soothed before shifting into her big brown wolf so easily that I was left in awe, admiring it, as I can't shift yet. 

I've heard it's painful at the beginning, so seeing her do it so easily amazed me.

I climbed to her back right away, she took off like a gust of wind, and I had to grab her furs to keep myself from falling.

I enjoyed the cool breeze slapping my face. I loved how the trees waved past us. The sweet scent of the flowers and woods around the forest was great and made me smile. But just then, something flashed through my mind, leaving me confused as I clung to the soft and soothing fur.

How was I able to bring down those men with those fireballs only after I smelled that sweet and intoxicating scent of sandalwood? It was a scent from someone as I also heard the footsteps even when they were faint and distant.

Who was that? And why does the smell of his body trigger my powers?

Lillian's POV

The pains were getting intense, and I felt like breaking down, but I kept moving. I kept striding forward, tightening my jaw to bear and hold back the anguish and torment I was feeling from the inner wounds I got while fighting those men.

The girl on my back was becoming too weighty for me to carry because I was becoming so weak. At some point, I thought I'd die, but then I was already close to the pack, so I just needed to get to the clear view of the guards outside the gate.

My real name is Lynn, but I changed it to Lillian. I'm the Luna of the Blue Moon Pack, one of the most powerful packs in North America. Since we had gotten a larger number of strong warriors, we were feared and not a single neighboring pack had dared to cause trouble with us.

We were the head pack among the five packs in North America, but that doesn't mean we are anywhere close to the Red Moon Pack.

Alpha Xavier is the leader of the Red Moon Pack. 

He is a man to whom everyone bows at his feet and does whatever he says because of his hybrid powers, which he uses to intimidate others. He is the head of the Eastern American Packs and also the most powerful pack in America.

You wonder how and why I came to rescue the young girl on my back?

That is simply because Lena is the only one that can kill Xavier.

Alpha Xavier killed my parents and ordered the Alpha of my former pack to banish me and make me a rogue,

I don't know the wrong my parents did to him to deserve such a brutal death. Xavier stabbed them countless times right in front of me and spared my life, but made me a rogue who wandered around, running away from other alphas and striving so hard to get something to eat.

I was lucky to finally meet my mate in the Blue Moon pack, where I later became his Luna. As he was the Alpha, I had changed my name to escape being found by Xavier ever again in my life.

The witch had told me about Lena's powers, and she gave me a ring which would help me locate her. According to her, it was going to glitter once I got close to her, and with the flicking light, I would locate her.

I had thought it was something that would be easy, but I was mistaken.

For so many years, I had searched every nook and cranny and visited many packs, staring and waiting for the ring to glitter, which it never did. At some point, I was doubtful about everything the witch had said.

I went back to ask her how I'd get the so-called girl only to find out the witch was dead already. There and then, I accepted that all hope was lost.

The pain of seeing the man who killed my parents enjoying his life was like an endless torture. For days and nights, my heart bled, and I couldn't get over the rage. My blood was boiling for revenge, but then there was just nothing I could do.

Finally, today, so unexpectedly and shockingly, I noticed the ring glitter while enjoying the cool breeze inside the forest.

It was like a dream, like an illusion, but then the light became brighter.

Words can't explain how my heart flipped for joy. I couldn't even tell when I squeaked, jumping up to my feet.

Without wasting time, I had sent my maids and guards off, claiming I needed to be alone. They had left without hesitation while I sped over to the location where the ring had directed me to, and there I saw the young girl at the point of death.

To avenge the deaths of my parents, I needed to save her since she is the only one who can defeat Xavier. I cared less about my life. Saving her was more important. That was why I fought those hefty men.

The witch had made me aware that the young girl had higher powers and hybrid combinations than Xavier, and that meant she was the only one who would be able to defeat him.

I had to risk my life to save her, since she was the only hope for me to have the revenge I craved.

I got closer to the gate, but then my whole body broke down, and I fell flat on the ground and shifted back to my human form. Blood was spilling out of my mouth. I felt life leaving me as the pain became so excruciating and intense that I couldn't move anymore. All I could hear was the faint scream and cry of Lena.

Alpha Xavier's POV

I smirked in satisfaction as I watched the man in front of me grunting in agony as the hot blazing rod was placed on his back, searing his skin with blood sizzling out. 

His wife and two children were all tied to a chair each, gagged as they stared at their tortured father.

No one dares challenge me and get away with it; I'm the devil himself, the most powerful. This man tried running away from this pack with his family. The punishment for that is always death.

"Dad, why don't you just let me skin him alive instead!" My son, Xander, who seemed to have been lost in thought all this time, finally spoke out with a frown.

"Let's enjoy the scene." I winked, but he shrugged and looked away with a snort.

I loved how gruesome his face looked. I admired his ruthlessness, and it was my greatest joy to know that I had succeeded in making my son as powerful and feared as I was. He is even more heartless than I am, and it makes me smile all day.

I looked around and saw the inhabitants of the Royal Pack house shivering and breathing heavily as they saw what was going on.

It made me happy because I enjoy it when everyone fears me to the bone marrow and I enjoy inflicting pain because that is the only way my strength can be known.

"Kill yourself!" I ordered the man, who already had bruises and deep bleeding wounds all over his back. 

He tried to strangle himself at my order, but I shook my head in disapproval.

"Dig out your heart instead. Dig it out and eat it!" I huffed, and could see his eyes flicker in shock, but he had no power to decline as he was being controlled by my dark magic spell.

Right there, he pierced his sharp wolf claws into his chest, howling in extreme pain as he tore open his chest, reaching out to his heart, but couldn't go further before falling dead instantly. 

"Clean this place!" I ordered with a wave of my hand and the slaves ran in with their cleaning materials.

My name is Xavier, and I am the Alpha of the Red Moon Pack, the greatest pack of all. No one dares me because it would cost their entire pack. My pack was above every other pack in America because I was their leader, but I'm getting old by the day.

I sighed but smiled as I saw my son. He was sitting right beside me with those grim and scary faces just like me. Seeing him that way gives me joy. I was getting weak from old age, but I'm not afraid of any attack from my enemies because I know how strong my son is.

He kills with no retraining. Everyone fears him, not just because of me but because of how cruel he is. I'm so happy to raise him this way. There is no doubt my pack would never be defeated.

I have no Beta or Luna because I didn't need one. I succeeded as an Alpha after defeating the last Alpha in a battle. The dead Alpha must really regret the day he accepted my duel challenge for the throne. 

He never expected me to be able to kill him and take over the throne. I wouldn't have been able to do that if I wasn't a hybrid. My son is also a hybrid, and till date, not one of us can tell anything about our past or how we grew to have such powers.

"Is it normal to feel hurt seeing a girl crying?" I suddenly heard my son ask and turned to him sharply.

"What did you just say?" I shot at him in shock.

"I saw a girl today being attacked by some masked men. She looked terribly hurt, even though I couldn't see her face. I felt a little pity, and even though it was a far distance, I still know how she smells." He explained with furrowed brows and enthusiasm.

"She is an enemy. A witch who wants to lure you with charm and get you captured. Next time you feel that way towards any girl, don't hesitate to end her life!" As the thought of "mate" flashed through my mind, I growled those words with a heavy breath and anger. I can never let him get weakened by any girl. When the hell did he start feeling pity? There must be something about this girl he is talking about. Was she the one that had been taking over his mind all day?

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