Episode 4

Lena's POV.

"Please... please... I didn't hurt her, she fought and saved me." I explained as I was brought into the palace, chained like a murderer, after the Luna had been taken away to be treated in the clinic. They all scowled at me with their eyes showing how much they already hated me.

My lips were quivering, with my voice breaking as I stood in front of the angry Alpha and his son.

"Well, there is no need to listen to you. I'll wait until my Luna wakes up, then she will tell me all that happened. I swear to kill you if you ever cause her to be that way!" The Alpha growled and stood up.

"Lock her up!" He commanded, before walking away.

I was about to sigh in relief as I wasn't tortured as I thought, but my breath seized as the Alpha son marched forward to me. His tall muscular body gives me chills. Those dark green eyes exuded pure resentment and disgust while he peered at my face. He looked handsome, but was like a devil in front of my eyes at this moment.

"What is your name?" He growled, staring at me with a disgusted look. His voice was cold and distant, just like his eyes.

"Lena," I replied in panic, blinking my eyes continuously as I moved my hand over to my belly to guard it from any attempted punch. I can't forget the sharp, heartbreaking pain I got from the first punch he gave me not long ago.

"My name is Hutton and I want you to know that I'm your worst nightmare, your terror, and the very person you will regret ever meeting. I'm one of the greatest Alpha Princes. No one can save you from me after you succeeded in putting the person I dearly love into coma." He paused and breathed roughly.

"You will regret putting her in that position, I swear!" He fumed huskily and spat at my face before walking away. I let out a muffled cry as I felt so heartbroken, wondering what life here would be like.

Is this better than dying with my family and pack members?

The guards chained my feet before dragging me away, neglecting my wounds, which were yet to heal fully as they scratched through the ground, causing them to bleed.

I felt more like a slave, and I guess that was what I had become instantly. I had always despised slavery and would never have wished to be a slave. My parents and friends had always taken care of me, taking my opinions and feelings into consideration. I did whatever I liked without anyone ordering me around.

That was the life I wanted for myself. Never had I thought of this. First, I lost everyone and everything I loved. I was happy she saved me. The caring Luna fought so hard and saved my life. I was so happy, not knowing I would turn to that one thing I detest so much in her pack. Slavery.

The clanking of the chains as I was pushed into the small room made me sob even harder; if I had had the power to turn back the hands of time, I would have refused to step foot here, preferring to die alongside my parents instead.

The cold floor and empty room were sickening, and hearing the door being locked gave me chills. 

I struggled to sit up, fuming and wishing it was all a dream; my stomach churned with hunger, but it doesn't appear that I'll be eating anytime soon.

I hadn't eaten anything today as I had been running for my life. Now, I'm being chained here in a prison,

Gosh!.. I don't think my life is getting any better!

Hutton's POV

Today was a sad one for me. I was just so angry after what I found out today in school. It was a painful one, and it hurt more to know clearly that there was just nothing I could do.

Xander is just a devil reincarnated, a cold-hearted and ruthless boy who I wish I could kill. I badly wish I could slit his throat and hang him in the middle of the market. I hate him with all my heart and soul, but then it would only be in my heart. The hatred would be there while I watched him do whatever he liked with anyone he wanted to do with.

Xander is the son of Alpha Xavier, and there was just no difference in cruelty. They were both so heartless and powerful. I could tell Xander would be more gruesome than his father the moment he became the Alpha.

My name is Hutton. I am the Alpha Prince of the Blue Moon Pack, one of the most powerful yet intimidated by the Red Moon Pack.

I hated my life for this, and all I longed for day and night was to bring the Red Moon Pack down. The same runs in dad's head, including Mom too, but it was all useless. There was no damn way we would be able to defeat them. Their powers are immeasurable!

I plopped on my bed and grunted as more anger swept through me. I just remembered that my mom was stuck in bed with internal wounds and hadn't opened her eyes since I came back from school.

The worst and most heartbreaking part is that she is in that state all because of some random girl who looks so useless and stupid. I wonder why and how Mom suddenly became a lifesaver to the extent of risking her life, not for someone important but a mere stranger.

My fist clenched tight while I kept growling. Just then, a knock sounded on my door.

I hissed and lay back on the bed. I was just too angry to say anything to whoever was at the door. Deep down, I felt like a loser. Being unable to stand for my girlfriend and fight Xander for forcing sex on her was really painful. I could only stand and watch him do it all.

"I hope she isn't our mate," Lex, my wolf, growled, making me sigh. I could feel how hurt it felt for me.

"What if she is? In a few days, she is going to turn 18, and her scent will be clear and strong. What are we going to do when it turns out to be her?" I grumbled, shutting my eyes in anger and sadness.

"I would have no choice but to fight Xavier," he huffed.

"Then get ready to die." I hissed and got out of the bed.

The knock sounded again.

"Who is there?" I asked.

"It's me, Linda," I heard the reply. 

"So, how can I help you?" I huffed.

"I came to ask about the girl in the prison. Should I serve her some meals? She looked worn-out, and I feared she might die," Her voice purred, making me chuckle.

"Set the food ready, I'll serve her myself." I responded with a smirk. I was surely going to pour it away.

"Sir, are you?"

"Get the fuck out of my door!" I half-yelled and could hear her receding footsteps as she scurried away.

I walked over to the bathroom and took a quick bath. I guess I've found who I was going to unleash my anger on.

After a few minutes, I was done cleaning up. I got dressed up and stepped out of my room. I headed straight downstairs to the dining table where her food must have been kept.

A deep frown crossed my face as I saw the food.

Is she kidding me?

"Linda!!" I thundered in fury, and she ran in immediately.

"Is this food for a slave?" I asked with a raised eyebrow, feeling the great urge to strangle her.

"I... i... i... what... is... wrong... with..." words were cut short by a heavy punch which I sent right to her belly, making her fall with a loud thud.

"Are you kidding me?... a young girl who has no background, no family, and no pack, got my mother into that state, and here you are filling up the plate for her?" I howled while she spit blood, yet I felt like hitting her again.

"I'm... I'm... sorry..." She mumbled, and I gestured her closer, which she did and winced in pain.

I picked up the plate and poured the contents of the spaghetti over her body, leaving little behind.

"This is the size of a slave!" I scoffed before walking away with it.

I was almost at the prison when one of the warriors ran towards me.

"Hey, what's it?" I asked with a sneer.

"The Luna has woken up!" He replied, and my heart flipped for joy. I felt so great that the food escaped my grip and fell over the floor.

"She wants to meet you. Your father is already beside her. She wants to talk to both of you," he added, making me run off with all the speed I had.

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Lisa Reed
Hutton is bashing others when he beats up weaker females so brave if him
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Princess Treasure
Hutton is so hot headed. ... Just wanna smack him ...

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