Episode 6

Hutton's POV

My eyes fluttered and finally opened, but I shut them back as the rays of the sun radiated in, causing my head to pound. I grunted as I felt too weak to even move my finger. I can't remember how I got to that state. I arched my brow, taking a deep breath, racking my head to remember what had happened. 

I could feel a deep sadness in my heart, making me wonder, 

"You are awake?" I heard someone mutter beside me, and I opened my eyes again. There was a maid and a doctor. I stared at them and noticed the streak of tears on the face of the maid. I turned to every other person there, and there was no trace of a smile on their faces. 

I sat up immediately, even when the doctor tried coaxing me to lie back and rest. 

My head pounded more, making me hold it in my palm as I grunted, gnashing my teeth. 

"I'm sorry. How do you feel? Do you feel pain?" The doctor kept asking why I shut my eyes, thinking so hard.

"What happened to me?" I asked, turning sharply at them. 

Has he lost his memory and can't remember who his mother is? " 

"Hey, shut up!" The doctor shunned the warrior who just mentioned those words, but she was late, as it struck me like a rod. It hit me so hard that I burst into a scream of pain...

I have remembered it all.

"My mother is dead!" I shrieked, clenching my fist so tight as hot tears formed in my eyes. 

"Calm down, you shouldn't..." The doctor tried patting my back but got a considerable blow from me that pushed her to the ground heavily. 

I sprang from the bed, fuming so hard as the pain in my heart increased a thousand folds. It looked like a dream but was reality. I had watched her die and passed out. The scene was replaying in my head now, and I was feeling my heart shred into pieces. 

My eyes roamed around the room as I searched for one person. I was going to kill her at first sight! 


"Where is Lena?" I thundered impatiently and aggressively. My vision was blurred with the tears that filled it. My mother's dying now is the worst thing that could ever happen to me. Who would I lie on her lap and tell everything that happened in school? Who would give me those sweet smiles and fondle my cheeks when I'm sad?

No, I must have been dreaming. She is alive! 

"Lena is..."

"Where is my mother?" I asked, staring at them all as they trembled at how angry I was making them. It wasn't time to shiver in fear. All I wanted to hear from them was, 

"You are hurting yourself. Your mother is dead and..." The doctor's voice was cut short as my strong palm gripped her neck tight, making her gasp for breath. 

"You are joking with me, right?" I asked, peering into her eyes with fury. 

She shook her head, trying to pull off my hand to catch her breath. I pushed her to the ground and turned, causing the guards and maids to cower in fear. 

"Is Lena still alive?" I asked, recalling the cause of my mother's death. Lena was the cause, and it hasn't left my head how exhausted and worn-out my mother was just because she was saving her. 

"She is in the prison. Your father ordered she should be kept there," one of the guards replied, looking to the ground. 

"My father must be stupid to keep that demon alive!" I howled, stomping out. I was feeling dizzy. My head was pounding and causing everything to turn around, but I was never going to stop moving. I don't care about anything. I don't mind dying. What is life without my mother? 

"Give me the key to this place!" I ordered the two guards who were flanking the gateway of the dungeon to leave.

They handed it to me, and I opened the gate, rushing in with my anger at its peak. 

I looked up at the girl who was already asleep, making me growl so deeply. I couldn't believe that after killing my mother, this Lena would still be kept alive, and not just that, she was here sleeping peacefully. 

I landed two punches to her face, making me jolt up in a rush as she gasped in pain. 

"She is dead, right? Your mission is completed! " I howled, making her cower back, whimpering as she held her cheek where my blow had landed. 

"You already killed her!" I seethed and grabbed her gown, drawing her close to me with fury. 

"No, I... I didn't kill..." I slapped her so hard across her face, shutting her up as she fell to the ground.

"No need for you to explain those lies because I'm killing you just as you did to her. Just prepare for your death. No one hurt my mother and got away scot-free. You chose to kill her!" I thundered, and she sat up with her tears rolling profusely. 

"I would never kill the same person who saved me!... I knew nothing about her until the day she decided to sacrifice her life for me. I don't know why, but I will surely fulfil her heart's desire to kill Alpha Xavier!" She cried out, touching the dagger that was in her pocket. 

I stared at it, then at her face as the words my mother said to her rushed into my mind. I gnashed my teeth and howled as my wolf tried to force itself out. The sadness was so deep.

I just recalled that my mother told the weakling in front of me to repay the kindness by killing Xavier, a man who is feared by everyone in America. I looked back at the young girl who made my mother die, the very one who my mother sent to kill Xavier, and it shattered my heart the more. It's either my mother was charmed by the idea of doing it, or there is a secret I don't know about. 

"Please don't kill me now. After I kill Xavier for your mother, you can take my life freely," she cried again, burying her face into her palm. 

"It is useless to die at the hands of Xavier when I can kill you here and now easily. How the hell did you think you could touch the cloak of Xavier? Talk more about killing him. Do you have any idea who he is?" I asked and she looked up. 

"Who is he?" She asked, inquisitively, making me sadder. Mom had really made a huge mistake.

I gritted my teeth as it dawned on me that my mother had died for nothing. This girl doesn't even know who Xavier is. How was she going to kill him? How and what the fuck got into my mother to meet this weak girl and go as far as dying to save her?

Now she doesn't know Xavier or his son. What made Mom believe she could exact vengeance on him?

"Lena, or whatever your name is, you don't know who Xavier is, and Mom died saving you, so you can kill him for her, as weak as you are." What did you do to my mother to make her have such hope in a wasted soul like you!" I fumed, walking closer as I glared at her.

She dragged herself back in fear, exacerbating my heartbreak; I wasn't as strong as Xavier or Xander, but she was this fearful around me; what would happen when she met the powerful Xander or Xander?

"How will you kill Xavier?" I asked, with my tone showing how saddened and frustrated I am.

"I don't know how I will kill them, but I will surely repay her kindness towards me by killing him with this...." I couldn't wait for her stupid words before sending a kick to her head in exasperation.

"You are a bastard!" I thundered while she cried at my kick.

"You must have done something to my mother's head to make her think you were strong enough to kill Xavier, and she used all her powers to save you…." I huffed and squat down to her.

I yanked her hair, drawing her head to face me. I could see nothing but fear in those eyes, making me feel the great urge to kill her! 

"I'll make life hell for you!" I growled deeply, pulling her hair so tight that she whimpered. 

"You remember my warning when my mother was still alive? You can recall every word, but I think you were not moved by my words. Now she is dead. I'll make you crave death, but it won't come. Your life would be better if it was taken away, but I won't kill you!" I howled, my eyes glistening with fury, while she cried like a baby, 

"You tricked mom, but you can't trick me. You can't trick my father, you can't trick the whole pack. Get ready for a life like hell." I thundered and dragged her up from the hair while she held my hand, pleading. 

I pushed her to the wall so hard that her back made cracking sounds. She shrieked in pain, but I wasn't going to listen to her cry, I wanted her to also feel the pain that I have in my heart at the death of my mother. 

I raised my hand to send punches to her face, but someone held my hand up in the air. 

"Stop!" I heard my father's voice, making me turn sharply to him.

"I should stop hitting this demon!" I huffed, breathing heavily. 

"Hitting her would never wake Lillian up. She is dead…" My dad sighed with a deep sadness in his tone. It was so deep that I could feel it. 

"Killing her can make me feel better, Dad!" I growled, gritting my teeth. 

"Your mother made me promise two things to her," he mumbled and glanced at Lena, who was still crying like a baby. 

"What was that?" I asked impatiently. 

"Never let her die or ban her from the Pack!" He replied with a hiss. 

"And you accepted?" I raised my brow. 

"I never knew my sweet Luna would die afterwards... I regret saying that promise…" He paused and walked over to Lena. 

"You must be a smart girl. You planned it all well. I won't let you get killed by anyone; I won't ban you either... but know this. I'll make life hell for you. I will make sure you take your life by yourself!" He howled while she stared dumbly, like she didn't hear him well. 

"I'll kill Xavier for her." I heard Lena mumble, making me so berserk that I rushed at her with a heavy blow.

"Stop blurting out rubbish, you dumbass!" I saw myself trying to hit her again, but Dad took my hand and led me away. 

"You have to go to school!" Dad huffed, and I fumed, glancing back at her as she sat silently, wondering if she could even fight; if she was even a werewolf; talk more of being someone powerful enough to fight Xavier.

I pulled my hand off dad's grip, stomping to my room.

I was already late to school. At a quick pace, I headed to the bathroom and cleaned up. After some minutes, I was done dressing up in the school uniform.

I stood in front of the mirror and arranged my shirt, combing my hair too. There was no trace of a smile on my face, I growled continuously all to myself. 

It was another day to meet Xander. I had no courage to stand in front of him. How would I be able to talk to my girlfriend again when I couldn't do anything while Xander molested her? 

I hissed loudly, clenching my fist. The scene replayed in my head like it was happening in front of me. I stared at myself in front of the mirror, hating myself more and more. Many fear me, but I'm weak in front of Xander. 

I slung my bag over my shoulder, wishing I could skip school today, but it was against the rules; every Alpha Prince is required to attend school every day, no matter what.

All because of the fucking throne I was going to inherit. Mom is dead from saving a strange, dumb girl who she believed would kill the almighty Xavier. 


I can't believe my mother could be this stupid all of a sudden.

I rolled my eyes and dashed out angrily. 

How was I even going to bear seeing my girlfriend again? Xander is a devil who I can't kill, but only watch him do whatever he likes to me.

Fuck!... I wish I could find someone to kill him.

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