Episode 9

Lena's POV

I hissed loudly, hating myself, hating how my life was turning. There was no way I had thought of a day when I would be stuck in a room like a slave, having all these chains.

The beating was painful, but I wasn't thinking of that. It was better to be beaten than caged like an animal. I felt more like cow dung.

"Lena, are we slaves for real?" My little wolf, Elena, mumbled inside me with sadness in her voice,

I shrugged and rested my head against the wall. My mind flashed through the past, when life was going fine with the love of my parents. Now it was all gone. I'm no longer the sweet baby, I've turned into a demon hated by everyone.

I shut my eyes, sighing deeply. The thought of Lilian the Luna dying broke my heart. Just as painful as that of my parents, the feeling of guilt made tears fall off my eyes. My appearance in her life made her lose hers. I just can't help but wonder who I am to let these people die for me.

Not only that, but I don't know how I'll kill Xavie
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