Episode 10

"Can you defeat...?"

"Shut up!" I hushed my wolf, who was trying to warn me. Being the Alpha's daughter is an opportunity I should never pass up.

I was still trying to brace myself for a fight when something so heavy and hard like steel hit my belly, forcing blood out of my mouth in a spurt.

I held my belly as the force pushed me back. I tried forcing myself to stand, but I couldn't. My whole body was on fire from the blow to my stomach,

Another blow landed on my face, making me cry out loudly as I fell heavily to the ground.

She didn't even give me the chance to bear the pain before rushing at me from the ground where I lay. She kicked my belly so hard that I couldn't breathe well.

"Please..." I cried out, tears falling profusely from my eyes as I got overwhelmed with intense pain.

What was I thinking when I braced up to fight her?

"Is this how you will fight and kill Alpha Xavier?" The Alpha yelled, with disappointment filling in his tone.

I tried standing up to show I had got so
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