Episode 11

"Linda decided to be her accomplice and stood by her, so the Alpha gave her the same punishment. You can be a bit merciful to her, but never treat this girl any better! She is evil!" The other man added, gesturing at me.

The man sitting there made a nod, and we were pushed to the ground.

Stepping out of his chair, walking towards us, the man said with a lopsided smile, "Linda, here you are in my palm."

"Stan, please don't harm her, she is innocent," she pleaded.

"Really?" He raised his brow and glanced at me.

"Yes, please..." She crawled to his feet and kept begging.

I couldn't say a word. I was mute, staring at Linda, wondering why she was doing all this.

The man glanced at her under his feet, then at me before bursting into a croaky laugh.

"When I wanted you, it's over. I have no feelings for you anymore. I will follow the order. Get off me!" He growled and kicked her away. He moved to the side of the room and picked up two shovels.

"You both should go out there and join the me
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