Episode 12

"I will never apologize... You are a mere slave. I'll kill you. " I heard the voice of the man in front of me, but this time it sounded different, just like one of the men who killed my family...

"Lena, who are you?" I heard my wolf scream in fear.

I opened my eyes and the man rushed to me in his wolf form. He pounced on me, but I caught his jaws. He howled and tried clenching it, but couldn't as I drew it apart.

I couldn't understand where the strength came from, but there and then, I tore his jaw apart, leaving him shifting back to his human form as he fell dead.

Just as he became limp, I heard Linda scream in terror. I felt something leave me. All the powers disappeared, and my claws went in. Great weakness took over me that I fell to the ground while everything went blank.


My eyes opened, and I found myself in a room. At first, everything was blurred, but after some seconds, it became clearer that I was alone in a strange room. My head and body still hurt so badly, but I w
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