Episode 13

Lena's POV.

The door was banged on my face before I could say anything. Linda screamed at me to run away, but I couldn't move my feet. I couldn't understand what she meant by I would die. It sent great fear through me. Maybe they had found out how I killed the slave guard with strange powers and intended to kill me.

I glanced back at the door and could hear the whimper of Linda. She was sobbing to herself. I looked all around me and there was total silence with the moon standing out as the only source of illumination. The map was in my palm, and I was too confused and scared to do anything.

"Lena, I'm scared..." My wolf spoke with her tone shaking.

"Do you think I'll be safe?" I asked, and it sobbed.

"Linda sounds so scared; something bad seems to be looming!" She replied with a heavy breath, and I headed back to the door.

I knocked

"Lena!"... Are you still there? Oh, no! my sufferings, all my sacrifices will be fruitless. I have passed through a lot to have the chance of saving y
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