Episode 14

"Who are you for real?" I mumbled under my breath, staring at her pretty and innocent face. This was just the first girl who would lie in my arms and the feeling was strange but enticing. I should have dropped her immediately, but couldn't. The shock of what she did for me was overwhelming and pulling me into liking her more..

Just then, I heard footsteps and the scent of many werewolves filled my nostrils. I could sense the powerful weapons they held. It was clear they were coming for me and I glanced back at the girl who had just saved a devil like me.

If she hadn't come, at this moment, I would have been weak and these men would have taken me away.

"I don't know your name or the pack you came from. I don't know if we will ever meet again, but know this... I'll always remember your favor." I muttered to the girl whose eyes were already closed. I took her a bit away from the cage and laid her under a tree.

"You risked your life to save mine. I'll only close your wound. Thank you agai
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