Episode 15

I can't imagine having someone who could betray the whole North American pack unknown to anyone.

With anger, I ran back home. Tonight, which should have been my best day ever, just turned out to be the worst and most heartbreaking day.

Xander had just shown us once again that he is supreme and can never be trapped. He was surely going to kill more people and increase his oppression on me.

Lena's POV.

A deep sigh of relief escaped my lips as I was taken back to the pack in chains. I was glad they didn't find out because I was sure they would kill me, but then, I couldn't believe the man I just saved was Xander.

Hutton mentioned Xander as the son of Xavier, the man Lillian asked me to kill. I made a big mistake by saving him, but I can't tell why I am so happy he wasn't caught by them all. The Blue Moon Pack was among the ones who set the trap for him, and with the weapons I saw them holding, it was clear that Xander wouldn't have survived it.

If that man in the trap is Xavier's son,
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